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EPC Launches New “Guard Your Card” Campaign

| Electronic Payments Coalition

Date: July 9, 2024
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WASHINGTON, DC— The Electronic Payments Coalition (EPC) today launched a new national advocacy campaign, “Guard Your Card“, to educate Americans about the dangers posed by the new government mandates in the Durbin-Marshall Credit Card Bill. These proposed mandates threaten the secure, hassle-free credit card payment networks American consumers and small businesses currently rely on every day.

The “Guard Your Card” campaign educates consumers about the risks associated with mandating credit card transactions on untested networks as well as the benefits credit card payment systems provide America’s small businesses.

The “Guard Your Card” campaign allows Americans to write their Members of Congress and includes television ads, display ads, and social media ads in Washington, DC, and throughout the country. Visit the Guard Your Card website at to learn more.

EPC Executive Chairman Richard Hunt released the following statement prior to the launch of the campaign:

“Americans have already flooded their Members of Congress with more than two million letters, and those numbers will continue growing with the new ‘Guard Your Card’ campaign. It is clear Americans value their credit card and believe the current system works. The Durbin-Marshall mandates are nothing more than a giveaway to the largest corporate mega-stores paid for by the loss of consumers’ data protections and rewards.

“What’s worse, the Durbin-Marshall mandates stack the deck against small businesses. Independent research has found the proposed mandates primarily benefit the largest corporate chains, and the Congressional Research Service questioned whether small businesses would see any benefit at all.” Watch the first in a series of “Guard Your Card” TV ads by clicking HERE or on the picture below.

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