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EPC Statement & Timeline on Durbin, Marshall Weaponization of Government

| Electronic Payments Coalition

WASHINGTON, DC – Electronic Payment Coalition Executive Chairman Richard Hunt issued a statement after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Department of Transportation announced a May 9th joint hearing on airline reward and loyalty programs.

The hearing was requested by Senators Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) after airline companies and their unions opposed new mandates in the Durbin-Marshall credit card bill. EPC’s statement and a timeline of the Durbin-Marshall Retribution Tour is below.

“This hearing is just the latest stop on Senators Durbin and Marshall’s ongoing retribution tour. When the tide is against them, they resort to weaponizing the federal government against American companies opposing their attempts to place new government mandates on your credit card. 

“Ironically, Senator Marshall is doing this only a few years after publicly supporting the Don’t Weaponize the IRS Act. “No matter what threats Senators Durbin and Marshall make, the facts remain. This bill will not help Americans or small businesses. It will only help line the pockets of corporate mega-stores, like the ones the FTC found hiked grocery prices on consumers during COVID.” 

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