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Is it time for a Truth in Dining Act?

| Electronic Payments Coalition

Date: April 4, 2024
Media Contact:
Nick Simpson

Good morning –

Everyone has heard the expression, “They will get you coming and going.” That has never been more true than when you step foot in a restaurant – some will charge a delivery or take-out fee, while others could charge a dine-in fee.

The fees do not stop there. You have hospitality fees, wage fees, benefit fees, appreciation fees, and even COVID fees, all on top of tax and tips – and some restaurants are making you pay for using your credit card despite research showing the average cost of cash is more than 15% for bars and restaurants.

No one is opposed to supporting the employees at our favorite restaurants, but surely, we can all agree that restaurant owners need to be upfront about the hidden fees they are passing along to consumers.

Instead of focusing on new credit card mandates – despite credit card interchange remaining essentially flat for nearly a decade, unlike all those sneaky restaurant fees – Congress should pass a Truth in Lending Act for restaurants and call it the Truth in Dining Act so Americans on a budget know exactly what they are going to pay before the bill shows up.

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