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What Mega-Stores Like Walmart and Target Don’t Want You to Know About Credit Cards

| Electronic Payments Coalition

The Electronic Payments Coalition (EPC) released a new explainer document highlighting why retailers and their trade associations have historically pushed for greater usage of credit cards. 

Despite a recent campaign from some of the loudest voices in retail, credit cards have increasingly become the preferred option of commerce.

The facts are that consumers prefer using credit cards to make purchases because they are safe, convenient, and provide valuable credit card rewards. Merchants and retailers prefer to accept credit cards because their customers spend more when using a credit card and accepting credit cards is cheaper than handling cash.

On average, credit card interchange rates have NOT increased since 2017, despite significant investments made by card issuers and payment networks in payment infrastructure and cybersecurity protections. American merchants and retailers–both big and small–have benefited from the increase in credit card usage and have enjoyed record profits in recent years.

To see the full document, keep reading below.

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