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Infographic: Stopping for Gas? Beware of Skimmers

Millions of Americans are hitting the road this weekend for vacation. While traveling, many of us will stop at gas stations and convenience stores to stretch our legs, grab a bite, and fill our tanks—putting us at risk for skimming fraud. Recent data shows that nonbank ATMs, especially those at convenience stores, are being targeted by thieves using skimmers to pull debit card data. Gas pumps, which do not have to be EMV compliant until October 2017, are also susceptible to skimming.

Police around the country are warning consumers about gas pump skimmers. So as you’re hitting the road for your summer vacation, be sure to ask “Got chip?” when you pull out your credit or debit card and dip instead of swiping. Below are helpful tips to protect your information.

EPC Skimming Infographic v2

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