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The Points Guy and PPI Discuss Durbin-Marshall “Doomsday”

| Electronic Payments Coalition

WASHINGTON DC— Last week, The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) senior fellow Paul Weinstein appeared on the New Liberal Podcast to discuss how proposed credit card routing legislation in Congress could harm consumers and our economy.

Throughout the 45-minute discussion, Kelly explained that Durbin-Marshall credit card legislation would risk the future of card rewards and other card benefits, limiting consumer choice and damaging the economy.

Kelly said that passing credit card mandates would be “doomsday” for consumers, and “if you like being able to go out and earn points,” this bill could drop your points down to “nothing.”

He concluded the podcast by urging listeners to contact their Senators and oppose the passage of the Durbin-Marshall credit card bill.

To listen to the full podcast, click HERE.

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