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1,000,000+ Grassroots Letters Sent to Congress Opposing Durbin-Marshall Interchange Bill

| Electronic Payments Coalition

Date: November 28, 2023
Media Contact:
Nick Simpson

WASHINGTON, DC – Since last July, House and Senate lawmakers have received nearly 1.1 million letters from their constituents in opposition to the Durbin-Marshall credit card routing legislation. The letters have been sent through EPC’s Hands Off My Rewards campaign. The letters from grassroots advocates have expressed opposition over the bill’s detrimental effects on consumers, small businesses, community banks, and credit unions.

Below is a statement from EPC Executive Chairman Richard Hunt in response to the million-letter milestone: 

“More than one million letters have been sent to Senators and Representatives to oppose the Durbin-Marshall bill because Americans see it for what it is – a massive payout for corporate mega-stores like Walmart and Target at the expense of consumer protections and access to credit as well as jeopardizing the rewards programs millions of American families use to reduce the cost of goods like groceries and gas. 

“Simply put, Americans depend on their credit cards, and they don’t need politicians to restructure the entire U.S. payments system. According to a recent American Bankers Association survey, 94% of consumers say they enjoy the convenience of using their credit cards. Long story short: Americans are smart people, and they can see through the nonsense that mega-stores are selling.” 

– Richard Hunt, EPC Executive Chairman

To learn more about EPC’s Hands Off My Rewards campaign, visit our website here:

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