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The Points Guy on CNBC: New Credit Card Law Would Dramatically Change Rewards Points System

| The Points Guy

It’s insane to think our government is working to take away points in a day when travel is so expensive, and take away choice from the consumer and give it in the hands of the retailer.

-The Points Guy’s Brian Kelly

WASHINGTON, DC—On Tuesday July 11th, The Points Guy’s Brian Kelly participated in an interview on CNBC’s The Exchange to discuss the consequences of proposed credit card routing legislation (S. 1838/H.R. 3881).

Brian Kelly highlighted how credit card routing legislation would eliminate the funding that goes towards popular credit card rewards programs like cash back and travel points which serve as an important source of savings for 71% of Americans.

To watch the full interview, click HERE on the picture below.

“Simply put, this bill is going to take the value from consumers that they get from points and put it to the bottom line of retailers.”

-The Points Guy’s Brian Kelly

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